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The NEW Referral Marketing!

At last, a proven, quick, and easy Referral Marketing System that can enable you to rapidly -- and almost effortlessly:

Dear Marketer:

There are few things better for building your business … quickly, simply, and profitably …

… than a steady stream of great referrals that flood your lead pipeline to overflowing with new opportunities.

So: Why are referrals arguably the world’s best source of new business leads?

Well, just consider the facts:

  • Prospects who discover you through a referral from one of their trusted friends, acquaintances, colleagues, or associates are on average 4X as likely to hire you as potential clients who are NOT referred to you in this manner.
  • Referred leads on average close much faster and more easily than 95% of other inquiries you get about your services or products – because, thanks to the endorsement from the referring source, the new prospect is more predisposed to buy from you than inquiries from other channels.
  • Referrals are higher-quality leads. Better leads. They are in a sense “pre-screened,” because most people don’t want to give you a bum referral. So they won’t refer a potential customer they see as a marginal or poor prospect for you – or a potential headache. And, referred clients are always the happiest and do the least complaining.

Now, I don’t know how many referral leads you get daily.

But the most profitable professionals get at least 65% of their business from referrals!

And, I know you can get more referrals. A lot more. To grow your business at many times the rate you are building it today.

You probably get some referral leads from your current clients, colleagues, and associates – without even asking for them.

And maybe you even solicit referrals from your best clients -- when you think of it and get around to doing so.

But, even though 91% of customers say they’d be willing to give referrals, 89% of professionals don’t ever ask for them!

That means if you’re like most business owners and solopreneurs I know, what you don’t have in place is a formal Referral Marketing System – a plan for building your business through qualified referral leads – which you execute on a weekly basis, each and every week of the year.

Well, now I want to share with you my own Referral Marketing System, developed, testing, and refined over a career in sales and marketing spanning nearly 4 decades.

I also want to invite you to try my referral marketing secrets in your business totally risk-free. If you will agree. Read on for details and a time-limited special offer….

Getting great referrals -- once difficult, now easy!

Remember, it is always better to get potential customers to come to you rather than you going to them. And when you generate leads through referral marketing, that’s precisely what happens!

Now, in our quick-reading home study guide The Referral Marketing Handbook, copywriter James Palmer and I share with you proven, utterly pragmatic methods you can use to quickly and easily generate a floodtide of profitable referrals – from clients, colleagues, friends, relatives, neighbors, and even vendors … starting in as little as 90 days!

By following my simple methods – which I GUARANTEE that you can duplicate with ease – you can get your phone ringing off the hook with inquiries, orders, leads, and new business … more projects and assignments than you could ever hope to handle.

In The Referral Marketing Handbook, you’ll discover:

  • Why B2B copywriting is in many ways better than writing copy for consumer advertising. Page 2.
  • The 5 essential facts every businessperson needs to know about referral marketing. Page 4.
  • Are clients you get through referrals more profitable than clients gained through other channels? See page 2 for the surprising answer.
  • Referral marketing on steroids: 17 ways to ask for – and get – great referrals. Page 13.
  • 6 good reasons you need to put a formal referral marketing “program” in place this quarter. Page 2.
  • Paying “finder’s fees” for referrals – yes or no, how much, when, why, how to make it work, when to avoid. Page 5.
  • Boost referrals with simple “referral landing pages” like these. Page 9.
  • 11 strategies for getting more referrals through LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networks. Page 18.
  • 5 steps to creating a mega-successful, high-profit referral marketing system. Page 22.
  • 6 proven methods of multiplying results from your referral marketing efforts. Page 24.
  • Boosting referrals ethically and effectively with incentives, premiums, and gifts – without breaking your budget. Page 28.
  • How to write and design “referral cards” that can double your referrals. Page 33.
  • 15 reasons why you should think about using referral software. Plus: a shopping list of the 25 best referral marketing software packages and services. Page 36.
  • 8 common reason why you may not be getting enough referrals … and one way to overcome each. Page 38.
  • The “classic 9” best practices of referral marketing. Ignore them at your peril. Page 40.
  • 15 additional powerhouse referral marketing methods that can shift your referrals into overdrive. Page 42.
  • Read these 3 sentences when speaking on the phone with your clients, and watch the referrals start flying like snow in a blizzard! Page 51.
  • And more….

Act now and save $20

The list price of our new Referral Marketing guide is a very reasonable $49.

But order now, and your investment in my proven Referral Marketing System is only $29 – a 40% discount off the regular rate.

That’s less than I charge for just 10 minutes of my time!

But $29 is your investment in my proven Referral Marketing System only if it works for you.

If it doesn’t, then your cost is zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Because for a limited time only, you can….

… Use my Referral Marketing Methods risk-free for 90 days

That’s right. If, after reviewing The Referral Marketing Handbook, you are not 100% satisfied for any reason … or for no reason at all … just let me know within 90 days.

I’ll refund your payment in full. Without question or quibble.

Plus, even though I will refund your money, you can still keep the ebook – yours free, my gift to you.

That way, you risk nothing.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Bob Bly

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In this report, you will discover:

  • 5 steps for handling the critically dissatisfied client – page 3.
  • Using no-risk and free offers to stimulate continued patronage – page 17.
  • Make the gatekeeper your ally in client retention instead of your enemy – page 14.
  • Help the client find a way NOT to fire you – page 13.
  • What to do when the client won’t return your phone call – page 17.
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